Monday, October 26, 2015

PCB Progress on the Tria GPS

Lots of progress today on the Tria GPS board. I got the PCBs back and assembled the first one. So far it tests out good.

SMT is so clean. My least favorite part of assembly is
soldering on the through-hole bits.

Now begins the long process of completing, testing, and verifying the firmware...

- Dan W.


  1. I'm really happy o see your progress on this, Dan. That is a nice looking board.

  2. Looks good, so far. Now onto the "fun" testing regime.

    greg, w9gb

  3. Interesting Tech Note, regarding Motorola receivers and backup battery usage.

    20 years ago, that was important fir Almanac retention. The modern uBlox module likely performs that step internally.

    1. I have the microcontroller configure the U-blox at each startup, so it should always work from a cold boot. I may still put a supercap on there, but it would have very limited usage. If the GPS receiver goes down, that means the entire box turned off. And you will always be limited by the warm up speed of the OCXO. The u-blox is very quick at locking to GPS.