Saturday, February 27, 2016

10MHz OCXO Teardown (CTS 1960017)

I recently purchased a case of CTS 1960017 10MHz OCXOs on eBay. They are little 5V units with a sine wave output, and purchased in this quantity, cost $5 a piece. I decided to sacrifice one and open it up to see what's inside. Here are some pictures of the teardown.

Yes, I really meant a "case" of OCXOs. 40 to be exact.

39 of them will be handled with care.

I cut around the bottom of the can, being careful not to go too deep in any spots.
Eventually the can just cracked off in my hand cleanly.


Lots of passive components and a couple of ICs visible from the top of the board.
I always expect to find more inside these oscillator units than I actually do.

The 14SOIC part is an LM2902 quad opamp.
There is also an SC70-5 part that looks like an output buffer.

This small piece of insulation was wrapped around one side of the crystal.

I cut the pins and flipped the board over.
This side is much more interesting!

The crystal is bonded to the ceramic heater board, and that seems to
be glued to the main board.

Now to put it back together. Hmm...

Thanks for reading!

- Dan W.


  1. They seem to be OCXOs in a loose sense of the term. Interested in parting with a couple? I saw the listing but didn't want the whole tray.

  2. Any chance of buying a couple of these ocxo from you?

  3. Nice teardown. Always good to see inside. Looks like quality.

    May I buy one from you?